Jackie Gleason’s Limo’s

One of our favorite haunts in Peekskill just got a kick ass car ass.  "Jackie" (78x40 inches) was installed on January 7 and was followed on the 8th by a gathering of friends and locals to celebrate its unveiling.  This painting was commissioned by the restaurant Gleason's, located in downtown Peekskill, and was obviously inspired… Continue reading Jackie Gleason’s Limo’s

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The Conductor at Beale Street Barber Shop

There's still time to check out the art show at Beale Street Barber Shop. This show will be on view through January 26th, 2013. The Conductor, just made it into this show and I completely forgot to post it at completion. But here it sure and check it out in person. Beale Street Barber… Continue reading The Conductor at Beale Street Barber Shop