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Get Your Art On: MegaDeck at 2nd Nature Skate Park

MegaDeck II re-opened a few weeks ago at 2nd Nature Skate Park in Peekskill NY.  Here is a little intro video into the space taken on opening night:

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I have three skate boards in this show and am in the company of some talented artists.  In addition to celebrating the art on opening night, there was also a good bit of shenanigans. It is a skate park after all. Folks brought their kids (of all ages).

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Myself and a fellow cohort put on our roller skates and tried to figure out how roller skates can work on a mini half pipe.

Photo courtesy Hillary Feder

Niko Tavernise’s 65 pound bullet board got a ride.

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There was even an injury!

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This show will run for a while (there is currently no end date) so stop by for a visit. 2nd Nature is also a skate shop and conducts classes for kids and adults on Saturday mornings.


Tim Smith, Lise Prown, Geoff Feder, Ezra Picard, Shara Shisheboran, Smitty, Rayomond Karst, Curt Belshe, Burton Smith, Ross Chambers, Merideth Harte, Jon Ledford, Niko Tavernise, Ken Vallario, Alex Nowacki, Lowry Reinauer, Courtney Watson McCarthy, Matt Arnold, Greg Silverman, Andrew Barthelmes, C Jay, Patrick Conlon, Gwendolyn+>

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A 1960 Impala may not exactly be a hovercraft but I get the feeling this one could hover and then some. And with the help of a skateboard and some magic dragon flies, the possibilities are endless. Another special ride…

This and others will be showing at 2nd Nature in May of 2012. Stay tuned for more.

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On Display: November 1st – December 7th , 2009

Opening Reception: Sunday, November 1st, 1pm-3pm
Paramount Center for the Arts – Peekskill, NY
“Megadeck,” showcases a wide variety of work by 21 young, emerging artists from the Peekskill area.   The exhibit features the artists’ visions of urban life and includes sculpture, paintings, photographs and thematic installation.  Each artist has one representative piece of their work in the show with a unique skateboard deck mounted beside it, creating a unifying relationship between the exhibiting artists.  The individual skateboard decks, created specifically for this show explore the artists point of view on opulence, the disenfranchised, progress, poverty, the contrast between constant development and the dwindling natural world, and how these ideas penetrate broader society in the formats of graffiti, punk rock, tattoos, skateboarding and other forms of self-expression.  The show was curated by Geoff Feder, a Peekskill sculptor.